My art is a representation of perception, memory, and thought; it’s about the layers of conscious and unconscious ideas, images, thought fragments, and bits of music that pass through the mind at all times. I am attempting to explore the way in which tangible things perceived by the senses get mixed with, and embedded in, what is already in the mind. I am seeking to balance control and intuition through my focus on observational drawing and my experimentation with combinations of mediums.

My work always has an observational element, often figures and faces represented with drawing. Drawing is the base from which I start, but as a work progresses I allow it to get increasingly intuitive as I add washes, experiment with color, layer images, and incorporate text and text-like marks. I most often work with watercolor and water-based media, but I also frequently add in resist materials such as oil pastel and china marker. Allowing the mediums to react with each other, sometimes in uncontrolled ways, is a process that gives me great satisfaction – I enjoy the feeling that I am collaborating with, rather than controlling, my work.

I almost always include text in my work – to me this represents the constant “babble” of the conscious and sub-conscious mind as it jumps from thought to thought, echoes things heard, read, and remembered, and (in my case at least) runs through fragments of all sorts of songs and music. The text is rarely legible (sometimes not even to myself!), which references the basic mystery of the workings of one’s brain, both to others and to oneself.